Benefits of Ballet

Ballet Studio, Jacksonville Florida

Whether your child is destined for a career on stage as a professional dancer or simply wants to expand their repertoire of artistic – there are many developmental advantages that come from training in ballet.

Here are 6 excellent reasons why you should consider giving your child the gift of ballet:


Solid Foundation


The skills learned from a demanding and disciplined ballet class are very rewarding. Ballet teaches dancers to build a strong foundation, physically and mentally. This enables dancers whom train in ballet to be more successful at other dance disciplines. A dancer with a ballet background can easily transfer their skills into modern, hip-hop, Jazz, or any other style of dance they choose.





Ballet dancers learn self-discipline through commitment and strict etiquette rules. Respect begins with wearing the required ballet attire, including having the hair properly tied back. Respect for the class, the teacher and fellow students is learned through coming to class on time, listening quietly to the instructor and making any required corrections without complaint. Students become more attentive and focused with each ballet class and this learned self-discipline carries with them into adulthood.




Learning and accomplishing a new skill is a wonderful way to increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence. When your child practices steps in front of a mirror with the instructor and other classmates, she is gaining the confidence required to perform the skills she has learned in front of an audience. The act of performing for others helps the dancer lose shyness and inhibitions, and greatly increases self-assurance. Even if performing is not for your child, the ability to learn and execute a dance routine will result in feelings of accomplishment.


Improved Brain Function


Ballet challenges the body and mind. Studies have shown that participating in ballet classes greatly enhances cognitive and learning abilities. The mind’s capacity for memory and spatial awareness is increased. The right, or creative side of the brain, is stimulated by the music and artistry while the left side, responsible for mathematical thinking, uses logic to coordinate and execute choreography along with the music.


Elegance, Posture, and Poise


Your child’s posture and body alignment improve greatly with the practice of ballet. Through bar and centre floor work the ballet student becomes more flexible, coordinated and balanced and will learn to stand taller and walk more gracefully with each successive ballet class.


Physical fitness


In addition to self-discipline, confidence and poise, your little aspiring dancer will be gaining physical health benefits that only ballet can offer. Ballet dancing increases flexibility, boosts cardiovascular stamina, and defines the muscles like no other exercise. Ballet movements and positions solidify the body’s core muscles resulting in a stronger back and flatter abdomen. Muscles are stretched and lengthened and become long, lean, and flexible.


Regardless of whether your child chooses to continue on with a professional dance career, she will carry fond memories and personal skills and traits that she will use throughout her life.

Ballet is a beautiful art form and the benefits of taking ballet are numerous, extending well beyond the actual dancing experience – this elegant form of dance give your child purpose and direction in life and teach self- discipline, refinement and respect for self and others. Ballet offers a tremendous learning experience for dancers of all ages and is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give your child.