Why Should a Young Child Take Ballet?

1. The foundation for all forms of dance is found in your ballet classes. In fact many of the other forms of dance actually assume you can already turn and jump- and do not "teach" these things- they just use them in choreography. It is wise to give children this foundation - you never know what they might need it for! Think of all the things your child could use dance for in the years to come... even if it's not classical ballet!!!

2. The study of ballet will teach your child that things do not happen instantly. Hard work, focus, and dedication take time to show results. Doing things right - over and over again - is more important than doing a difficult movement once. The foundation is vital. If you don't have a solid foundation of technique you will struggle once you get to really dance... the same is true of life.

3. Coordination and motor skills are vital for so many areas of life. The only way to learn and improve those skills is to use them! In addition you are teaching your child that exercise and physical activity is important. What better habit to begin? - and in such a fun way!

4. Ballet teaches that a girl can be beautiful AND strong, delicate AND powerful, soft AND respected. Wonderful things have changed for women in this world... we have more respect, education, careers, promotions and potential in this generation than ever before.... It is a worthy struggle to keep the femininity that is such a beautiful part of who we are. Ballet is one way to teach that balance.

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